Clay Schmeisser

You’re in the right place. Helping people with home loans is all Clay Schmeisser has done for more than 14 years. Clear explanations, patience and expert advice is what Clay loves offering all day long. Information and education make the difference in helping someone understand the loan process. Spending the day helping all his clients with that is what Clay loves to do.

Clay is also very passionate about helping our veterans, active duty military members and first responders get into new homes!!! Clay is one of two certified military mortgage boot camp instructors for the state of Nevada, which means he gets to help educate the public and his real estate partners by disproving a lot of the myths that are floating around out there about VA loans.

With Clay’s extensive knowledge of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, Jumbo and VA guidelines, he usually knows what underwriters are going to request before we even submit an application to them! Because of this understanding of what is needed at the beginning of the mortgage process, Clay’s clients can feel confident they will be getting a top-tier home loan experience. Clay fully understands that the industry has changed and continues to change daily, monthly and on an annual basis. As a seasoned mortgage professional, Clay works diligently to stay informed and educated of frequent industry changes so that he can better serve his clients and real estate partners!

Knowledge. Experience. Customer service. Clay uses these skills to guide his clients through what might, for many of them, be the largest purchase of their life. In trying to make the transaction as stress-free as possible, Clay wants his clients to actually enjoy purchasing a new home or refinancing their current home loan.